Who the heck is requiem and why should i book them immediately?



Lo mein noodles

Dr Martens

Obsessive compulsive

Nine-Banded Armadillos



Dry humor

Vinyl Records

Art school dropout

Hot sauce

WHY these weirdos?

Besides the fact that we’re cool as shit (ok we’re actually awkward as shit), when you hire us it's like making a couple new best friends who know a LOT about weddings, and genuinely care about you and the amazing day you’re trying to plan.

You're welcome to call or text us anytime for advice, opinions, to ask questions, even to meet up and go see the Mountain Goats play while we bitch about seating charts or airline miles.

Then when the day arrives, we work our ass off to give you a beautiful documentation of your event, some killer portraits and even a handful of totally rad abstract images.

(And then we can even create a completely unique timelapse version of what the whole day was like to live - it goes almost as fast as the real thing, so don’t blink!)

but what if i’m a different kind of weirdo?

Who are your people?

ALL are welcome here!!!

Our people are the couples who don't quite fit in with anyone else but each other. The couples who fit in everywhere but really they just want to stay home and watch Twin Peaks. The couples who are polar opposites from each other but make each other complete. The outgoing couples who live for drag shows and cabarets. Or some combination of all of these, or even something completely different.

But Requiem is definitely perfect for the couples who refuse to settle for average photos of one of the most important days of their life - those who want to turn their wedding into a series of unique images that include random moments, killer portraits, and crazy art made from love.

So are you wildcrazyradicalfunoutrageousboldbraveeccentricdifferentfreestrongbeautifuloddfearless and want something different - or photos that act like little time machines - or both?

Then call us ASAP so we can create something amazing, beautiful, and a little (or a lot) eccentric for you (or just talk about armadillos for a while).