KAT AKERS - Fine Art Wedding Photojournalist, Owner, Weirdo

KAT AKERS - Fine Art Wedding Photojournalist, Owner, Weirdo



From the time I could walk, I was taking photos with my mom. She was an amazing artist and let me take over a tiny film camera she had. Though I’m not sure how good the photographs were, I will never forget the feeling of that round, silver shutter button, something that to this day makes me feel both calm and exhilarated. I lost her to breast cancer at the age of 10, but I kept her alive in the art that I’ve created, and still try my best to make her proud in all that I do. I began shooting commercially in 2012, and am now recognized internationally for my art. 


I am a "fine art wedding photojournalist" — a mouthful, I know — which really just means that I spend the day turning your wedding into a beautiful pictorial documentation that allows you to relive the day over and over again and give friends and family who weren't able to attend a chance to be there.

I also take moments throughout the day to create works of fine art, or photos that would be interesting even to those who don't know you, as well as taking a bit more than a moment to create beautiful, artistic portraits that will stand out in the crowd.

In a nutshell, while I adore documenting the emotion, excitement, LOVE and every other raw emotion found throughout the wedding process, I also relish in the interesting, the unique, and creating images that will leave you saying "wow."



When you hire us, it's like gaining a best friend who happens to be an artist. Someone who knows a LOT about weddings, and genuinely cares about you and the amazing event you're about to put on.

You're welcome to call or text me anytime for advice, opinions, to ask questions, even to meet up and vent while we attempt to assemble a Pousse Cafe (but end up just drinking from the bottle).

When the day arrives, I work my bum off to give you a beautiful documentation of your event, along with a handful of completely unique fine art images.

Then, after the event is complete and your honeymoon has come to an end, we'll schedule a time to meet so that you and your other half, family, or anyone else you'd like, can relive all the moments together, and we can see how we can turn those moments into beautiful works of incredible fine art that will last for generations.



The weird, beautiful, funny girls/guys who don't quite fit in with the "pretty gals/guys" or the "cool gals/guys." The girl/guy who loves art, cares about everyone, is always late, maybe a little chaotic, but tries to heal the world, talks to strangers, and wants a pet goat. Or maybe the quiet, shy, intellectual guy/girl who observes everything and has a photographic memory, but secretly loves McDonald's and high fashion. Or some combination of both, or even something completely different.

But definitely the ones who refuse to settle for average photos of one of the most important days of their life - who want to turn their love into art.

So are you wild, beautiful, shy, graceful, chaotic, misunderstood, offbeat, super happy, weird, pretty, and fun all rolled into one?

Then call me ASAP so I can create something amazing, beautiful, and just a little eccentric for you.

xo K

MARK PAUL - Fine Art Wedding Photojournalist, Archivist

MARK PAUL - Fine Art Wedding Photojournalist, Archivist


I am very excited to introduce the newest member of the RI team - the best guy I've ever met - my partner in life (and now in business) Mark Paul.

Mark went to art school for many years where he learned a lot about mixed media, framing, hanging, and mostly just creating incredible art.

He's quickly becoming a better photographer than me (just kidding - but seriously he's awesome), and is now offering our clients another perspective as well as a line of amazing fine art products including prints, albums, and more.

More coming very soon!

GARY WRIGHT - Documentary Filmmaker, Joke Teller

GARY WRIGHT - Documentary Filmmaker, Joke Teller


Gary began his college career focusing on music, but quickly realized his true passion was cinematography after being inspired by films such as Shawshank Redemption and Idlewild. After switching majors, he began working with many local musicians to film their music videos, and soon taught himself to quickly adapt to new and innovative camera technology and technique. He completed his degree in film making from EKU in 2011, and has been documenting weddings with us since 2014.

**Gary will be updating this very soon - but I can assure you, he is super fun and a joy to be around. I’ve been working with him for many years now and I wouldn’t want to use anyone else!