Overlooked Elements of a Wedding Part 1 - The Groom

Overlooked Elements of a Wedding Part 1 - The Groom

Hello Pittsburgh and beyond!


Our 2017 wedding season is fast approaching, so to get everyone super excited about it, we're hosting a blog series to showcase often overlooked elements of a wedding.


Our first might surprise you, but it also makes perfect sense when you think about it.


When picturing a wedding, what is the first thing that comes to mind?


It may be all the dancing, or the delicious cake, but chances are it's the bride - and for good reason! 


Her hair and makeup are done to perfection, she's often wearing a long, flowing white dress and a veil or flower crown, and she'll likely be toting a big bouquet of fresh flowers.


The thing is, however, we often forget that there is another person who is just as important here - her partner. 


Now when a bride is marrying another bride, it's easy to remember to place equal emphasis on the two. Similarly, when the wedding is between two grooms, that makes it pretty easy to remember to focus on the groom. 


But what about when the couple consists of a bride and a groom?


It's just so engrained in us to automatically think of that gorgeous lady in all her glory.


Even websites for alternative couples are called things like "Offbeat Bride," Rock N Roll Bride," and "Black Sheep Bride."


(FYI - I have nothing but the utmost respect for the founders of these sites. They are each amazing women and I LOVE everything they have to offer!)


My point is just that when there's a beautiful woman, it's incredibly common (for any of us) to overlook her male counterpart.


Well grooms - today's post is all about you!


Requiem Images is a team of wedding photojournalists, so we make sure to capture all the elements of the day - including the groom hanging out with his buddies, getting all dressed up, standing tall and handsome in an artsy portrait, waiting at the altar, or even just doing a silly dance.


So here we'll leave you with a selection of the best groom moments that we've captured since moving to Pittsburgh last y


And next time you attend a wedding, don't forget to keep your eye out for that often overlooked, always handsome guy.


Love, K


Pittsburgh PA Pride March 2017

Pittsburgh PA Pride March 2017

Rebecca - Senior Photos {Operation Healing Hoover}

Rebecca - Senior Photos {Operation Healing Hoover}