Introducing the Cinematic Time-Lapse Film

Introducing the Cinematic Time-Lapse Film

Hey everyone!!

We’re Kat + Mark and we’re wedding photographers based in Pittsburgh, PA. We love our city and finding new and creative ways to showcase it, but we’re also obsessed with travel and love destination weddings and engagements. Whether we’re home or roaming, however, we LOVE taking clients on an adventure - Alaska, Greece, Thailand, or even just a big bridge or Mt. Washington in the ‘burgh.

Now to get more specific - we’re actually fine art wedding photojournalists. That may make some people a little confused about what we do, but it really just means that we spend the entire wedding day trying to turn your experience into beautiful, artistic moments. No hour limits, no parts of the wedding that we don’t shoot, we’re always on the lookout for something interesting to document.

Of course we still take the time to do wedding party, family, and beautiful, intimate wedding couple portraits, but aside from portrait time we let you live the day and work hard to capture as much of that as we can.

We truly love the way we work, and so do our clients, but after a while it left us wondering - we spend all these hours creating a beautiful narrative but how is everyone going to see hundreds or even 1000+ photos without it taking all day? How can our clients share their entire experience with everyone they love?

The answer? 

Our new cinematic time-lapse films.

I say new, but we’ve actually been working on these for about a year and a half. We started experimenting, and we’ve consistently worked hard to not only make little adjustments to the way we produce them, but we’ve even adapted how we shoot and edit in order to create more motion and life in the films. 

And now, finally, on the day when everybody celebrates love, we’re thrilled to say that we’re finally ready to show the world.

There’s a lot more where this came from (don’t worry we’ll be posting them soon!) but for our debut cinematic time-lapse film I give you the story of Allie + Jason’s Hotel Monaco & Roberto Clemente Bridge elopement (look for their story coming next on the blog)!

As a client once wrote when she debuted her own to friends and family:

"Don't blink!”


Love, K


Brandon + Courtney Strip District Engagement

Brandon + Courtney Strip District Engagement